ReferAlong is Going on Pause. Thank You for Your Support!

From all of us on the ReferAlong team, we’d like to give a big thank you to all of our referrers, applicants, employers, and supporters during this past trial period. Your participation and support drove more than 200 referrals.

Your referrals to friends, colleagues, and family taught us so much about the power of job sharing; we could not have accomplished so much without your involvement. 

At the moment, the ReferAlong team is currently re-evaluating how we can improve our product. This morning, we put ReferAlong on pause for the next few months to augment our strategy and model. We’re very proud of the effort we have put into ReferAlong.

During this pause period, job listings will be removed from the site. All users will not be able to view, refer, or apply to jobs. Recruiters will not be able to post and manage their jobs.

If you have questions or suggestions, please contact us at

8 New Reasons to Check Out ReferAlong

8 New Reasons to Check Out ReferAlong

We’ve got great news to share. We released version 1.2 of ReferAlong Thursday morning with lots of great features and updates:

  • How much in total bonuses are available on ReferAlong? Now you don’t have to guess anymore! The counter at the top of all our pages is a sum of all bonuses for active jobs on ReferAlong.
  • We’ve reorganized some of the details on job listings so they are easier to skim. Want to know whether a position is full time and what the pay range is? Just look to the top of the page along with other important job details.
  • We’re even easier to find on Google! Look for our job listings on Google search results.
  • We’re still in the beta test period, so our logo is updated to reflect that. Additionally, we shrunk our logo to make room for all the jobs below it!
  • If you’re an employer and was wondering how long listings stay active, you can now find out about how long it takes before listings expire and how to refresh or reactivate them before or after it happens. Look for the information in the employer FAQ section on our how it works page.
  • Employers, when you post a job, you’ll get a reminder of the benefits of participating in our trial period! In this beta test, we’re waiving the success fee and covering up to $1,000 of the hiring bonus cost! And of course, job posts are free. Get posting now!
  • It’s even easier to follow our blog or ReferAlong on social media. Look to the upper right-hand corner for links to our Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+, and blog pages.
  • More bug fixes for a smoother experience! We also added more tracking so we can fix those pesky bugs faster.

In order to better identify ways we can make ReferAlong work for you, we’re conducting tests related to referring and registration. Let us know what you think! Send feedback to or tweet at @ReferAlong.

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Every minute, 15 new jobs are posted on Twitter.

Tweet-full Recruiting

Twitter is rising as a top recruitment tool. Every minute, 15 new jobs are posted to Twitter; that’s an increase of nearly 32 percent in the last six months, according to social recruiting firm Gozaik and reported by VentureBeat.

Gozaik expects this growth in job-post tweets to continue. By the end of 2014, the firm predicts there will be more than 2 million total job announcements each month.

Jobs are tweeted across a diverse set of industries such as medical, IT and sales and marketing. Gozaik looked at the top 50 positions posted on Twitter. Approximately 15 percent were medical/dental roles, while IT and sales made up more than 24 percent.

A co-founder of Gozaik, Joe Budzienski, thinks Twitter will eventually become the “dominant channel” for recruitment, according to VentureBeat.


Tweet (and refer) this job!

We’ve got exciting new features in the pipeline. The first major one of many more to come is the ability to tweet jobs! Starting today, you can refer jobs on ReferAlong via Twitter, and tweet your own listings to friends and colleagues.

How to refer jobs on Twitter

If you use Twitter to stay up to date with your contacts and other professionals in your industry, take a look at jobs in your industry that you can share. Refer jobs to friends, family, and colleagues in 140 characters or less about a job for which they might know the perfect candidate.

But what if I don’t know who to refer?

If you see a job but don’t know who may be a good candidate, refer it to a friend in the industry. Chances are he or she knows someone who may be a great fit for the job. If the referred candidate is hired, you and your friend share the bonus!

As of this morning, we have $173,000 in bonuses available!

If you have other questions about how this works, check out our FAQ to learn more about referring jobs on ReferAlong.

How can applicants use Twitter?

Looking for other ways you can use Twitter in your job search? Mashable has pointers from a live chat hosted by Twitter and NPR on how to use social media to look for a job. It lists great tips on networking, finding a job, and being an engaging candidate on Twitter.

Got Feedback?

Do you have any questions or comments for us? We’d love to hear what we can do to provide a better experience. Let us know how we’re doing!  Email us at

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We’ll be rolling out more exciting new features for you soon. Stay tuned for updates by following us! Visit us on Twitter (@ReferAlong), FacebookLinkedIn, and Google+.

Three Reasons Why Recruiters Invest in Social Recruiting and How Job Seekers Get a Boost

I enjoy reading Jobvite’s research and surveys. The company recently completed a great survey that was featured in a Mashable post that had a really informative infographic about companies that are investing in social recruiting.

Employers are investing and finding higher quality candidates through social media. Below three fun statistics from the survey about why they make that investment:

  1. 94% of companies use or plan to use social recruiting (up 2% from 2012)
  2. 49% of recruiters who use social recruiting saw an increase in candidate quality (up 6% from 2012)
  3. 78% of companies have successfully hired a candidate through social media (up 5% from 2012)
From Jobvite Survey

From Jobvite Survey

So why should job seekers care?

Employers rank social networking through social media (along with referrals) and corporate career sites as the best ways to acquire quality candidates.

ReferAlong merges two of these recruiting channels (referrals and social media) into one great product (Find a candidate for a job in your network to share a bonus! Start referring jobs now.). For the job seekers out there who believe social media is a hype — the hype is long gone. Social media is here to stay as an important hiring channel in the recruiting industry. Job seekers should test out what social media can do for them: try creating your own LinkedIn profile, tweeting industry articles you read, and go to a few Meetups in your area. There are opportunities to network that you may be missing out on!

Source: Jobvite 2013 Social Recruiting Survey Results eBook

Source: Job Seekers Recruited via Social More Likely to Be Hired

Get to know ReferAlong! Drop us a line if you have additional questions or feedback.

Welcome to ReferAlong. Refer friends to jobs, and earn a bonus!

We’re excited to launch ReferAlong, a new take on the job board. In this age of social media, your network is one of the most valuable tools for finding your next job or your next hire. Research has shown referrals are the top source for external hires. That’s why we launched ReferAlong.

Referrals were the largest source (24.5%) of external hires in 2012.
A referred candidate is estimated to be 3 to 4 times more likely to be hired.

Source: Career XRoads “Source of Hire: Perception Is Reality” report (2013)

Individuals already share jobs with their friends and contacts, who pass them along to their own professional networks. We’re driving this idea further by opening up bonuses (which are typically offered by companies only to their employees who recommend new hires) to professional and social media networks. Job seekers and job posters can apply or refer a job to someone in their network!

How does ReferAlong work?

How does ReferAlong work?

Jobs posted on ReferAlong are shared across social networks, creating a multiplier effect across social networks that spreads the news about our jobs. Greater job listing visibility across networks leads to a greater likelihood of finding a higher number of qualified candidates.

How job sharing works on ReferAlong

How job sharing works on ReferAlong

The bonuses drive engagement by acting as an incentive to share jobs. Since the bonus is split across the referral chain and with the hired applicant, everyone involved shares in the success.

Job listings are free to post, and for a limited time, up to $1,000 free per hire!

We believe recruiters should pay for performance, so in our pay-per-hire model, all job listings are free. Bonuses and a success fee are only paid out when an offer is extended and someone who applied through ReferAlong is hired.

However, ReferAlong is still in beta so for a limited time, we’re waiving the success fee and covering up to $1,000 of the bonus companies would normally pay out when hiring from ReferAlong. That’s up to $1,000 free per hire until Nov. 30, 2013!

Join us in exploring the power of referrals within a new kind of job board. Refer jobs to your network to start finding jobs for your connections! Start your search now!

Get to know ReferAlong! Drop us a line if you have additional questions or feedback.